Changes in the upstream regulation

Decisions concerning essential plants and requests submitted by dispatching users for application of the reintegration of costs regime: resolutions no. 400/2012/R/eel and no. 582/2012/R/eel

Resolution 400/2012/R/eel established that each dispatching user which owns essential plants can submit a proposal to the Authority for alternative fee structures (pursuant to art. 65 of resolution no. 111/06) with respect to those indicated by Terna, accompanied by analyses which highlight the greater benefit that those different structures would bring in terms of decreasing the overall expense for the procurement of dispatching resources by Terna.

In the subsequent resolution 582/2012/R/eel, the Authority accepted the aforementioned proposal submitted by Acea Energia Holding for the Montemartini plant, and approved the application of the cost reintegration regime for the year 2013 (regime governed pursuant to art. 65 of resolution no. 111/06) since it is an essential unit for the security of the electricity system. However, the Authority did not accept the request to calculate the reintegration fee for the years 2012 and 2013 according to the methodology set forth in resolution ARG/elt 161/10, which is more economically advantageous, so that fee shall continue to be defined on the basis of the calculation methodology applied prior to resolution ARG/elt 161/10. That refusal is justified by the fact that the Montemartini plant was admitted to the cost reintegration regime before 2010 (the year of entry into force of resolution ARG/elt 161/10), so replacing the methodology would cause distortions on the evolution of the remuneration of the unit in question, if the appropriate measures are not taken to neutralise the impact of the differences in the criteria applied on the fee amount.