Energy Management

As a result of the new ownership structure after winding-up of the joint venture, Acea Energia Holding was identified as the legal entity for the Energy segment, responsible for performing Energy Management, this being necessary to Group operations, particularly with regard to the sales company (Acea Energia S.p.A.) and the production company (Acea Produzione S.p.A.).

In particular, Acea Energia Holding S.p.A.’s objective is the purchase and sale - in whatever form - of electricity, heat, methane gas and other fuels and energy carriers for the national and international markets.

In particular, the company, provided that at least 80% of its average turnover comes from supplies of the above-mentioned goods to companies subject to a dominant influence from ACEA on the basis of proprietary relations, a financial holding or internal regulations, may act directly as the contractor, pursuant to art. 218 of Legislative Decree no. 163 of 12 April 2006, in respect of the relative supply contracts from the aforementioned companies which are also the contracting entities as defined by art. 3, paragraph 29 of the above Legislative Decree.

To this end, the company makes provision for the direct or indirect stipulation of dispatching, transportation and storage contracts with operators of the national transport network and institutional market operators, all in the name and/or on behalf of subsidiaries and/or associates in accordance with art. 2359 of the Italian Civil Code and/or third parties.

Furthermore, the company operates in favour of its subsidiaries in particular (Acea Energia S.p.A. and Acea Produzione S.p.A.), by carrying out the following main activities:

  • the sale of electrical energy produced by the Tor di Valle and Montemartini thermoelectric plants and by the S. Angelo hydroelectric plant;
  • the negotiation of contracts for the procurement of fuels for generating plants;
  • procurement of natural gas and electricity for companies selling to end customers;
  • the marketing of environmental bonds (green certificates, emission rights and certificates for production from renewable sources) Acea Energia S.p.A. and Acea Produzione S.p.A.;
  • the management and optimisation of its electricity portfolio and management of the risk profile of companies in the Energy Area;
  • the optimisation of the energy production of Acea Produzione S.p.A. plants.

The company also liaises with the Energy Market Operator (GME) and with TERNA. In relation to institutional entity Terna, the company is the input Dispatch User on behalf of Acea Produzione. 

In the course of 2012, the company sold approximately 11 TWh of which approximately 10 TWh to the subsidiary Acea Energia, approximately 0.5 TWh to Group companies and approximately 1 TWh to other wholesalers. Approximately 9 TWh of energy was procured mainly by purchasing on the market from Italian operators. The rest of the energy was acquired at spot prices on the day-ahead market.