ACEA Ato5 S.p.A.

The company manages the integrated water services in ATO 5 Southern Lazio-Frosinone, as set out in Lazio Regional Law no. 6 of 22 January 1996, under an agreement entered into with the Area Authority. The company is also responsible for all other related, resulting or associated activities.

The management of the integrated water service in the territory of ATO 5 Lazio-Frosinone involves a total of 87 municipalities (management still remains to be surveyed for the municipalities of Atina, Paliano and Cassino Centro Urbano as regards water services only) for a total population of around 480,000 inhabitants, about 460,000 inhabitants supplied and a number of end users equal to around 188,214.

The drinking water system comprises supply and distribution plants and networks that use 6 main sources from which 6 aqueduct systems originate (Northern supply, Southern supply); minor plants serve certain local systems.

The coverage of this service amounts to about 97%.

The sewerage-purification system comprises a network of collectors and sewerage trunk lines connected to terminal treatment plants of urban waste waters.

Following the recognition and the associated assessment of the users connected to the sewerage system (as a result of Ruling no. 335/2008), it was noted that the coverage of this service is equal to approximately 67.5% with respect to water users.

Again this year, management of the water and sewer networks and treatment and lifting plants was affected by the operator’s inability - due to continued inertia of the awarding Authority which has still not reviewed the Area Plan - to schedule and implement any plan of action to solve the strong critical points relating to the plants for the water service and the considerable infrastructural gaps for the sewerage service.

In light of the above, the networks continue to be in an extremely poor state of repair, forcing the operator to carry out continuous, large-scale extraordinary maintenance works.

Water treatment plants are subject to targeted systematic upgrading and/or adjustment into line with applicable legislation.

Activities involving the routine collection, transportation and final disposal of solid and/or liquid waste on the sites involved the final disposal of waste of a total volume of roughly 18,991 tonnes, an increase of 72% over the previous year (around 11,000 tonnes in 2011).

As concerns the enquiries and inspections to obtain waste disposal authorisations for treatment plants, updates were completed during the previous year to the technical documentation relating to the water treatment plants managed by the company.

In terms of drinking water quality monitoring, as at 31 December 2012 – pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 31/2001 – quality controls (routine and inspection) were performed on the drinking water sources, tanks and networks.

In 2012, a total of 1,960 samples were taken from water destined for human consumption.

As regards the search for water leaks, activities continued to be focused on areas rendered especially critical in view of adverse weather conditions which involved a drop in sources.

Details on the activities carried out in 2012 by the Commissioner for deeds and the impacts of AEEG resolution 585/2012 are provided in the section “Service concession arrangements”.