Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A.

A concession agreement was signed on 28 December 2001, assigning the company to provide integrated water services on an exclusive basis in ATO 6, consisting of public services covering the collection, abstraction and distribution of water for civil use, sewerage and waste water treatment.

The concession term is twenty-five years from 1 January 2002.

In August 2004, ACEA – via the vehicle, Ombrone SpA – completed its acquisition of a stake in the company.

In December 2011 the Area Authority approved the new Tariff Review for 2008-2010 and the review of the 2011-2026 Area Plan and Investment Plan, in line with the principles of sustainability and medium/long-term economic and financial balance. In this context and as invited some time ago by the company, the Area Authority took the opportunity to reduce remaining discrepancies between the operator planning (Economic-Financial Plan for project financing) and regulator planning (the Authority’s Economic-Financial Plan).

The volumes of water sold, included by the Authority in the new Area Plan are, therefore, in line with Acquedotto del Fiora expectations.

According to the provisions of the Decree of the Commissioner for the Tuscany Water Authority Conference, District 6 Ombrone no. 1 of 05/01/2012, the average tariff applicable by Acquedotto del Fiora for 2012 is 2.106 euros per cubic metre, including planned inflation and net of the rebates to eligible end users of part of the water treatment charge pursuant to art. 7, Ministerial Decree 30/09/2009. 

Details on the impacts of AEEG resolution 585/2012 are provided in the section “Service concession arrangements”.