On 26 November 2007 ACEA was definitively awarded the tender called by the Area Authority of Perugia ATO 1 for selection of the minority private business partner of Umbra Acque S.p.A. A stake in the company (40% of the shares) was acquired on 1 January 2008.

In 2012, the company exercised its activities in all 38 Municipalities constituting ATO 1 and 2.

By means of General Meeting decision dated 21/02/2011, the Area Authority approved 2011 tariffs, by establishing a 1.25% increase, plus the planned inflation rate of 1.5%. Therefore, the overall increase is 2.75%.

The current Area Plan was approved by the General Meeting of Representatives in 2004, though substantially retaining the format of the previous plan approved in 2002. In 2008 Umbra Acque underlined the need to carry out a total review of the current Plan, in consideration of both the new national (Legislative Decree 152/2006 as amended) and regional regulations (Regional Plan for water protection in Umbria, Sewage Directive, Regional Plan for Umbria aqueducts and Regional Law no. 25/09 "Rules for the protection and safeguarding of water resources") – according to which the programme of works included in the existing Area Plan will be adjusted to achieve the pre-defined objectives concerning water quality and aquifer protection – and in the light of the increase in several cost items (in particular, electricity consumption costs) that prevent achievement of the economic-financial balance as set out in the Standardised Method. During 2011 these additional costs increased further due to both new cost items not included in the current Plan and the increase in tariffs for the services used by the company.

In April 2012 the Authority completed its controls on the tariff period 2003-2007, recognising an adjustment in favour of the company for approximately 7 million euros. The right to receive such amounts, already recognised to the financial statements in previous years, is therefore formally confirmed by the Mayors’ Conference.