28. Other non-current liabilities - 278,663 thousand euros

€/thousand 31.12.2012 31.12.2011 Increase/ (Decrease)
Advances from end users and customers 114,205 129,989 (15,784)
Water connection fees 60,258 54,929 5,328
Grants related to assets 104,200 93,497 10,703
TOTAL 278,663 278,415 248



Advances from users regarding the supply of fresh water are not interest-bearing, whilst those regarding the distribution and sale of electricity and urban heating distribution accrue interest according to the conditions established by Electricity and Gas Authority Resolution no. 204/99 and the Supply Regulations, respectively.


The following table provides the breakdown by industrial area:

€/thousand 31.12.2012 31.12.2011 Increase/ (Decrease)
Networks 1,232 21,026 (19,794)
Energy 31,244 29,738 1,506
Water 81,707 79,202 2,504
ACEA 23 23 0
Advances from end users and customers 114,205 129,989 (15,784)

The decrease compared to December 2011 mainly refers to:

  • ARSE for 19,794 thousand euros: the value at 31 December 2012 is zero following the completion of photovoltaic plant construction works for third parties at the Cassano, Orsomarso, Scalea and Villa Piana sites; 
    • 2,504 thousand euros to the water companies. Of particular note, Publiacqua (+1,427 thousand euros) for the increase in advances paid by end users following the Area Authority’s redefinition of the guarantee deposit amount, Acque (+403 thousand euros) and GORI (+516 thousand euros) for advances from customers relative to services not yet provided, Acea Ato2 (+252 thousand euros) for advances on drinking water consumption paid by end users and advances paid by customers for the execution of various types of works, partly offset by Lunigiana Acque (-353 thousand euros) now in liquidation, 
    • 1,506 thousand euros to the Energy Area, mainly Acea Energia, for higher guarantee deposits from end users. 


Water connection fees

These amounted to 60,258 thousand euros (54,929 thousand euros at 31 December 2011) and consist of:

  • 26,011 thousand euros attributable to the Lazio and Campania water companies (-665 thousand euros compared to 31 December 2011),
  • 34,247 thousand euros attributable to the Tuscany and Umbria water companies (+5,993 thousand euros compared to 31 December 2011): specifically, there were higher fees accrued during the year for new connections by Umbra Acque (+4,336 thousand euros), Publiacqua (+860 thousand euros) and Acque (+531 thousand euros).


Grants related to assets

These amounted to 104,200 thousand euros at 31 December 2012 (93,497 thousand euros at 31 December 2011) and refer to grants received. The grants are accounted for in liabilities and progressively recognised in the income statement each year over the duration of the investment to which the grant is connected. The amount recognised as income is determined on the basis of the useful life of the asset to which it refers.

A breakdown per business area is provided below: 

  • Networks: 26,791 thousand euros (+9,434 thousand euros) for the higher issue of portions for the year for ACEA Distribuzione
  • Water: the total was 93,042 thousand euros, of which:
    •  41,866 thousand euros relating to Lazio-Campania;
    •  51,176 thousand euros relating to Tuscany-Umbria.
  • Environment: 174 thousand euros, of which 168 thousand euros relative to SAO.