20. Non-current financial assets - 32,959 thousand euros

These amounted to 32,959 thousand euros (19,939 thousand euros at 31 December 2011), marking an increase of 13,020 thousand euros.

More specifically, this item is composed as follows:

  • receivables of 30,899 thousand euros due from Roma Capitale relating to plant upgrades in terms of safety and legislation and new constructions as set out in the addendum to the Public Lighting contract, carried out in 2012. This receivable relates to the long-term portion deriving from application of the financial method as per IFRIC 12 regarding concession arrangements,
  • Receivables for non-current concession fees due to the State amounting to 997 thousand euros, relating to the return of expenses paid as a result of Law 266/05, subsequently supplemented by Supreme Court ruling 1/2008,
  • VAT credits of 859 thousand euros for which a refund has been requested.