12. Property, plant and equipment - 2,066,438 thousand euros

As at 31 December 2012, this item amounted to 2,066,438 thousand euros (2,021,364 thousand euros at 31 December 2011) and relates to assets used in operations. The following table shows a breakdown and movements during the period:

€ thousand  31.12.2011 Change in basis of consolidation Investments/ Acquisitions
Land and buildings 267,336 (1,244) 121,397
Plant and machinery 1,252,245 (102,990) 83,273
Industrial equipment 404,949 0 31,068
Other assets 39,044 0 6,130
Fixed assets in progress 46,019 (44) 33,072
Assets to be relinquished 11,770 0 2,364
Total property, plant and equipment 2,021,364 (104,279) 277,304
€ thousand
Amortisation/depreciation Disposals and other movements 31.12.2012
Land and buildings (14,396) 23,508 396,600
Plant and machinery (102,486) 33,449 1,163,492
Industrial equipment (15,968) 1,655 421,704
Other assets (9,234) 2,513 38,453
Fixed assets in progress 0 (45,059) 33,988
Assets to be relinquished (1,069) (862) 12,202
Total property, plant and equipment (143,154) 15,203 2,066,438

Investments made during the year totalled 277,304 thousand euros and are attributable to the following industrial areas:

  • Networks: 92,442 thousand euros,
  • Environment: 37,086 thousand euros,
  • Energy: 19,292 thousand euros,
  • Corporate – ACEA: 117,538 thousand euros,
  • Water services in Tuscany and Umbria: 7,985 thousand euros,
  • Water services in Lazio and Campania: 12,698 thousand euros,
  • Overseas Water Services: 0.2 thousand euros,
  • Engineering and Services: 0.7 thousand euros.

The main investments were carried out by the following companies in 2012:


  • ACEA Distribuzione: 89,682 thousand euros spent primarily on extension and renovation of its HV, MV and LV networks, the construction of electricity substations and LV connections; this investment is essentially in line with the priorities set out in the Regulatory Plan and the operating needs arising during the period. The above investment breaks down as follows:
    • land and buildings: 2,553 thousand euros (3,506 thousand euros at 31 December 2011),
    • plant and machinery: 51,455 thousand euros (43,053 thousand euros at 31 December 2011),
    • industrial and commercial equipment: 28,970 thousand euros (38,658 thousand euros at 31 December 2011),
    • other assets: 536 thousand euros (2,000 thousand euros at 31 December 2011),
    • fixed assets in progress and prepayments: 6,167 thousand euros (3,134 thousand euros at 31 December 2011).
  • ARSE: 2,419 thousand euros essentially refer to the purchase of land in the Salentino area, particularly in the municipalities of Alessano and Leverano, in the municipality of Giuliano di Roma, to the start-up of new PV plant installation projects including those in Valle Galeria, Q8 Formia and Parco della Mistica,
  • ARIA: 30,781 thousand euros for the purchase of control and automation systems, electromechanical and electronic works for the Terni and San Vittore del Lazio WTE plants, the completion of activities regarding the civil works associated with lines II and III of the San Vittore WTE plant, and the revamping of line I at the San Vittore WTE plant,
  • Acea Produzione: 19,242 thousand euros largely attributable to repowering works completed on the Orte and Salisano hydroelectric plants, particularly the assembly of the two turbine-generator units with the same nominal power (10 MW) was completed, and the first parallel was carried out for both units. The expansion project to extend the Mezzocammino district heating network in the area south of Rome also continued during the year,
  • Ingegnerie Toscane for 2,743 thousand euros, mainly for the lease purchase of its new registered office,
  • ACEA for 117,538 thousand euros, referring mainly to finalisation in January 2012 of the sale agreement for the office at Piazzale Ostiense (112,200 thousand euros), extraordinary maintenance work conducted on the registered office and unowned buildings, the purchase of furnishings and electronic machines for 3,262 thousand euros and investments in hardware required for IT network upgrading and development projects.

Amortisation/depreciation amounts to 143,154 thousand euros and relates primarily to the following industrial areas:

  • Networks: 100,988 thousand euros, of which 93,145 thousand euros from ACEA Distribuzione and 2,310 thousand euros from ARSE,
  • Energy: 9,666 thousand euros, including 9,476 thousand euros from ACEA Produzione,
  • Environment: 23,168 thousand euros, including 15,821 thousand euros from ARIA, 4,594 thousand euros from SAO and 1,600 thousand euros from Kyklos,
  • Water: 7,947 thousand euros, of which 2,503 thousand euros Lazio-Campania, 4,561 thousand euros Tuscany-Umbria and 882 thousand euros Overseas,
  • Engineering and Services: 415 thousand euros,
  • Corporate – ACEA: 6,346 thousand euros.


Other movements refer to reclassifications due to the commissioning of fixed assets in progress and disposals and divestments of assets. Specifically, please note:

  • the recognition of 10,999 thousand euros regarding SAO for the updating of costs for post-closure operations at the waste dump as a result of its expansion,
  • the start-up of operations at the Terni WTE power station, with the resulting reclassifications: (i) 4,687 thousand euros relative to the structural part of the Terni plant, (ii) 331 thousand euros to complete works on the building used as a laboratory and (iii) 1,006 thousand euros to complete works on lines II and III at the San Vittore plant,
  • SAO’s disposal (311 thousand euros) with effect from 1 May 2012 of the street cleaning services business unit, considered no longer strategic to the company’s development plans,
  • the sale in May 2012 to Mobilservice for 200 thousand euros of certain technical components of the San Vittore WTE plant in Lazio that formed part of the revamping of line I.
  • the 1,662 thousand euro impairment charge applied to Ecoenergie’s fixed assets pertaining to the power station construction project in the municipality of Paliano following the company’s placement in liquidation,


The section Change in the basis of consolidation includes recognition of ARSE’s disposal (104,279 thousand euros) of the PV business unit to RTR Capital S.r.l. on 28 December 2012. That amount represents the value of the plants subject to the disposal at 31 December 2012.

The transaction regarded the disposal of Apollo S.r.l., operating in the PV sector, whose asset portfolio includes plants located in Puglia, Lazio and Campania, with total installed power of 32,544 MW.