As regards the Cogeneration sector, the joint venture between ACEA S.p.A. and ASTRIM S.p.A. was established in September 2007, aimed at the marketing and creation of energy cogeneration plants, called Ecogena. 

51% of the share capital of Ecogena is held by ACEA Reti e Servizi Energetici S.p.A. and the remaining amount, due to the transfer of ASTRIM’s portion, by Società Energia Alternativa, in which Astrim S.p.A., Vigest S.r.l., and the Jacorossi e Parnasi Group have a holding. 

Company activities continued in line with the schedule. In this scenario, activities continued for the construction of the cogeneration plant for the Europarco Complex, for which the tender procedure has been completed, providing Energia Alternativa with the opportunity to exercise the right to last call, as set forth in the joint venture agreement between ACEA Reti e Servizi Energetici S.p.A. and Energia Alternativa.

Furthermore, the client also continued building works in the areas dedicated to the construction of the new "Laurentino” shopping centre for which the company will have to fulfil the obligations under the plant construction and energy service supply agreement.

The 15-year building and energy service supply agreement was entered into with Cinecittà Parchi S.p.A., to be executed at the Cinecittà World theme park currently being built in Castel Romano (RM).

From the regulatory standpoint, positive effects were caused by Legislative Decree 28/2011 - Implementation of directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of energy from renewable sources - which extends the current comprehensive incentive tariff system for plants with power of less than 1 MWe, as well as the Roman Council's approval of Resolution 7 of 14 February 2011, which amends art. 48 of the Municipal Building Regulation (known as "New Resolution 48").

And finally, also of note is the issue to EUR Power of a building permit for the “Adenauer” cogeneration plant, while a services conference is currently working to define the concession of land to build the “Europa” plant.